Los Angeles Private Day Tours, deep tours in LA

Los Angeles private tours, LA private charter tours, taking our private vehicle, and enjoy the LA most beautiful attractions. We also take you to some special attraction: Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills Luxury houses, and also some general attractions: Santa Monica Beach, Getty Center, and also LA down town. We also have photo tours, which take you to most famous photo taking attaction: secret swing, and pink wall, Urban Light at LACMA and other famous sights on social network. We can pick you up and drop off in Los Angeles. The price is calculated base on one vehicle.

San Diego Private Day Tours, deep tours in SD

San Diego private tour, taking our private vehicle, and enjoy the San Diego most beautiful attractions: USS Midway Mesuem, La Jolla Cove, Balboa Park, and Coronado Island, As well as Hotel Del Coronado. There are other attractions: San Diego Old Town, Old Point Loma. You can pick attaction and also can follow our tour scheduel.The price is calculated base on one vehicle.

Grand Canyon Private Deep Tours

Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon private tours, taking our private vehicle, and enjoy the most beautiful attractions. You can choose different tours, grand canyon south Rim watch sunrise, and the Antelope Canyon with Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon West Rim. Departing from Los Angeles, also visit the beautiful Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and Hoover Dam, tour the Las Vegas Strip at night. Finally returned to Los Angeles.

Yellowstone National Park Private Deep Tours

Yellowstone National Park private tours, taking our private vehicle, and enjoy the most beautiful attractions. Yellowstone Park's most famous attractions: Wwest thumb geyser basin, Old Faithful Geyser, Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellow Stone Falls, Artist Paint Pots, Yellowstone Canyon, Haydn Valley, Mud Volcano, Fishing Bridge and others. You can choose different itineraries with different attractions along the way, you can visit Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arched National Park, Yosemite and many more attractions along the way. Private charter tours. Finally returned to Los Angeles.

Yosemite National Park Private Deep Tours

Yosemite National Park private tours, taking our private vehicle, and enjoy the most beautiful attractions. Yosemite National Park's most famous attractions: Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, experience big forest, small bridges and clear creek,and overlook the entire Yosemite valley.
Around Los Angeles
US Western Top attractions
Vehicle Types
5 Seats Car
x4 x2
Mustang or Similar
x3 x1
x6 x6
12 Seats Van
x10 x10
15 Seats Luxury Van
x12 x10
Private Tour Basic Question
What is private tour?
The private chartered tour is a kind of private travel, led by a professional driver guide. Private tour is in between self driving travel and group tour, guests can enjoy the quality travel and no need to do study on attractions.
Private tour fee?
The cost of a private charter tour is calculated on a per-vehicle basis, which is different from the person-by-person price of a group tour. The cost of a private charter tour for all people in the vehicle. It is most suitable for families or friends together to choose, and they can enjoy a better travel experience and a cheaper price.
Why our private tours are better?
Our driver guide is a white-collar travel enthusiast who graduated from undergraduate studies. He is a professional driver with more than 10 years of driving experience and is familiar with local attractions. Can handle temporary problems on the trip very well. Will help the guests to take pictures, and the level of photography is much higher than the average person.
Our Private Tour VS Charter Platform
We are self-owned business, our website is directly operated. Our own high-quality driver guide, quality assurance, familiar with the route of the attractions. The chartered platform is provided by a third party to provide actual services, and the chartered platform extracts profits. The level of drivers of most third parties is uneven, most of them graduated from high school, and their quality is poor. Some drivers of chartered platforms can only go where the navigation guide, and are not familiar with tourist attractions, and guests still have to do their own study on attracton in order to tell those driver address to follow.
Our Private Tours
Other Companies
US$230 and up for LA day tour 8 hours.
U$450 LA 8hours.
Vehicle Types
Vehicle Types
Benz Series
Vehicle Condition
Less than 3 years, good maintenance in dealer.
Vehicle Condition
may have more than 5 years, condition vary.
Operating mode
Self owned, Guaranteed Service Quality. There is no middleman to draw profits.
Operating mode
The platform is outsourced to other companies, the quality is uneven, the service is unstable, and the platform extracts profits.
Deiver Guide Language
English and Mandarin two language, and also can solve occasional problem.
Deiver Guide Language
Single language, the ability of solving occasional problem is very low.
Driver Guide Dress
Neat dress.
Driver Guide Dress
Suit and tie.
Driving skill
Professional driver, more than 10 years driving experience. Safe and stable.
Driving skill
Professional driver, but may vary.
Driver Guide Quality
High Education,used to be office worker, love traveling.
Driver Guide Quality
Most are graduated high school, low quality.
If accompany and guide?
In city tours, as long as the spot can parking, Driver provide guide service. Out of city, provide guide service all the time. Also provide photograph and video shooting, driver guide shooting skilling is higher than average person level.
If accompany and guide?
Only driving, no accompany and guide service.
Is familiar with attractions?
The driver guide is familiar with most of the attractions and some local attractions which can’t be found by navigation, and also recommend tourist attractions for to you.
Is familiar with attractions?
Driver is not familiar with attraction, you need to tell the driver the address and the driver can deliver it.
Service Area
Day trips around Los Angeles and multi-day trips, as well as multi-day trips to various tourist attractions in the US West.
Service Area
Only city and surrounding areas
Cost-effective Total Score
Value for money score 4.5 points, out of 5 points. Fair Price! No need to do study on attractions, and best experience . High quality driver guide.
Cost-effective Total Score
The total price/performance score is 2.5 points, out of 5 points. The price is high, there is no tourism service, you need to do your own study on attractions.
Only compare with the official chartered company. There are also a lot of inferior individuals and informal tourist charters, those that are bad and not contrasting with those.
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